About Ashley :: Ashley DeYoung Photography


I’m Ashley DeYoung, owner of ADP (Ashley DeYoung Photography).
I love photography & art. I love baking (obviously from the picture).
Everything I do turns into a complete disaster and mess, but I have fun while doing it!

I live in the quaint town of Franklin, TN.

It’s full of culture, arts, music and some of the world’s best sweet tea!

I spend my days…Doing photo shoots…&

Spending time with my family

Being silly…

and driving 6 hours to see my sweetheart in South Carolina…I call him “Mr. Moneybags”. He says (jokingly) I’m with him just for his money…I say…if I was a gold digger…I wouldn’t go for a “thousandaire”, I’d go for a billionaire.

We met back in college while doing a group project in our business to business marketing class. After he graduated, he moved to South Carolina to pursue a career in the nuclear construction industry and works at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC.

Since “Mr. Moneybags” lives in SC, and I drive there frequently, so I have started establishing my photography business there too.

I do wedding photography, engagement sessions, bridal portrait sessions, baby photography, children photography & family photography in Nashville TN, Middle Tennessee, Knoxville TN, Augusta GA, Aiken SC, Columbia SC, Savannah GA, Charleston SC.

I’ve named myself the “Southeastern Lifestyle Photographer”

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~Ashley DeYoung


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