Ashley DeYoung Photography

I wonder sometimes how my brain works. I feel like it runs differently than a lot of other people I am frequently around. Maybe because I am a creative thinker and most of my friends are annalytical.

Anyhow, I stared at a picture on my computer background screen the other night. Ya know to the point when you feel like things in the picture start to move and it really trips you out. Then I started remembering when that photo was taken.

I remember clearly. September 07. My brothers wedding. It was me, my brother, sister, and my best friend. But what caught my eye was not the main focal point of the picture, it was the people in the background. People I did not know. I thought to myself, I wonder if those people know they are in this random photograph. Then I thought, how many random photos am I in of people I do not know? That’s a scary thought!

I remember being in China and standing in front of the forbidden city with my father. My mother was snapping a photo. She chuckled to herself. I found it odd until I looked at the photo. In the photo, it was me and my dad, and then a bunch of other chinese people taking our picture b/c they hadn’t seen many tall blonde girls before like myself. One guy in the picture was video taping me and my dad. It was the strangest thing. But now that I think about it, I must be in the background of a ton of random chinese people’s photos.

Speaking of China. I did an asian inspired shoot.

She was not asian, but the amazing makeup stylings of Kimber Krech made her that way!
~ Ashley DeYoung Photography

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