Confessions of a Messiholic.


Step 1 to getting organized: Admitting I'm messy.


First step is admitting: I am a messy person.

It’s Sunday night. I’ve had a lot of time to think these past 7 days, because exactly 7 days ago to the hour, I was on the operating table in the ER in Oak Ridge, TN  having an emergency appendectomy-thank you appendicitis for waiting till I was visiting my boyfriend’s parents for Christmas!

I just managed to crawl back into bed, and look at my bedroom. There’s a collection of cups on my dresser, clothes on my floor and my chair, shoes everywhere, who knows what’s under my bed, I’m afraid to admit what’s in my car…I am an absolute mess. And after watching 3 episodes of Hoarders…I’m genuinely afraid I’ll end up like that when I’m old. I have a hard time letting go of things!

For the first time in a long time, my chest started to tighten. I knew what was coming…my quarterly clean. The clean I do every 3 or so months where I dust, pick up, shove under my bed, hide and throw in my closet. The one where I attempt to sort my laundry into color piles-usually around 9-10 piles, then get overwhelmed and wash only the basic necessities (undergarments). Then I rush to my favorite store to indulge in some retail therapy and buy myself a few items to last the week.

My mother is very organized. She’s the kind of person that pours cereal into Tupperware containers and labels them with the label-maker. My boyfriend cleans the toilet after every use and lines his shoes up in a row by the front door. My friends have calendars and stick to them, they make lists and everything has a place. But me…I’m lost…100% of the time. I spend on average 10 minutes a day looking for my purse, probably 20 minutes looking for a pair of pants or a missing shoe. I’m wasting time and I cannot get it back.

Since it’s now January of 2010, I figured I should make a New Year’s goal. One that is obtainable. Every year I pledge to be healthy…2009 didn’t end so well with my health, and it’s never something you can control. So why not attempt to be organized. It’s a lifestyle change and one step closer to a healthier life! Besides, I am pretty sure the 13-day old sweet tea currently sitting on my nightstand that formed mold is not healthy to be around. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say “getting organized will lead me to a healthier life”.

I am pledging to do one organizing project a week. I travel a lot so some may be small and some may be large. But I am going to make an attempt to change my entire lifestyle from the messy, unorganized, complicated, artist that I am…to a clean, scheduled, and organized business owner that I need to be for a successful business!

And of course, since I am a photographer…I’m going to photograph my journey! 

Ashley DeYoung


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