Sweet Tea Tangent…

I live in Franklin, TN. I’d like to consider it the best town in the universe. But some may disagree. Living here, one becomes immersed in art and music. And while, as an artist and pianist myself, I do love both, one of my favorite parts of Franklin is the Sweet Tea. 

I’ve made it my life goal to find the best sweet tea in the world. I’ve traveled around the world from Mexico to Hong Kong to China (which is known for their teas), and yet recently came to the realization that the best sweet tea is right here in my hometown.
Sweet tea is pretty much nonexistent in the north. I have relatives in Chicago that think it’s crazy to put sugar in tea, especially the amount we do in the south. I’ve asked for sweet tea in restaurants up north, and they stare are me weird and throw “sweet-n-low” at me. 
On my way back from the Bahamas, I had a 13 hour layover in Orlando. Thinking it was in the south, they for sure would have some. But no. Non-existent that day. 
I’m in South Carolina at least once a month, and have yet to find decent sweet tea. While traveling through Georgia to get to South Carolina, the sweet tea there tastes days old. 
But, I have to say the best sweet tea I have ever tasted…would be at Merridee’s in Franklin, TN. It’s a quaint little bakery off 4th avenue…where you can find me with my magenta-colored mac, a chicken salad sandwich and a glass of ice-cold sweet tea about three days a week!
Sure others have decent teas in franklin too…Panera Bread on Cool Springs Blvd in Franklin does decent sweet tea, Sonic across from Centennial high school does (but not during happy hour), McDonald’s large-size $1 tea is good, but only select McDonalds do it right. 
So if you are ever in Franklin, you must check out Merridee’s sweet tea. They also have the best Tea Punch in town…among other things like tea-cakes and pies!
Ashley DeYoung

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