DeYoung & Old :: 1

I’ve decided to change my blog from strictly photography to more about everything I love. Sounds boring, I know. But I promise to keep it interesting. I’m getting into buying things ridiculously cheap and making them pretty. I’m also coming up with other ways to sell my work. 

The “DeYoung & Old” logo at the top of the blog is one thing I’m doing…taking images of objects that resemble typography and creating words from it. I’m hoping to get a decent collection going, I’ve had a lot of requests for framed names from these letters…so hopefully I’ll get it done soon! 

My life is a constant adventure and I photograph most of it, so I thought I’d share it. 
Here’s a little of my background:
Name: Ashley DeYoung
Occupation: a little of everything/mainly photography & graphic design
Birthday: Feb. 5
Hometown: Franklin, TN
Degree: BS from MTSU (that’s middle TN state university) Media Design/Art/Marketing
I Love: Jesus, my family/friends & Joshua!
Shoes, mexican food, child laughter & good deals.
Nature, sunshine, traveling & making things pretty. 
and I think everything is more beautiful with the right light shining on it!
(I loved the way the light reflected off of my shower curtain!)
That’s all for now…

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