Out with "DeOld and in with DeNew Ashley DeYoung"


My bedroom is a complete disaster all of the time. So I decided to get organized. First thing…tackling my closet! There are many problem areas. Problem=I have too much stuff. I have a compulsive shopping problem/future compulsive hoarder. (I’ve been watching “Hoarder’s” on A&E if you couldn’t tell) I keep things that are sentimental to me.

(side-note here’s a clip from A&E of hoarders-I love that show!)

So I decided to go through everything in my closet with questions. If it’s clothing or accessories I would say, “Would I buy this off of a rack today?” “Does it still fit?” & “Is it in good condition?”

If it’s stuff that I’ve kept I would say, “If I CAN remember the story behind it, I don’t need it.” I’m afraid I’ll forget important things in my life, but if I can remember distinct details about the things, why keep it. It’s just taking up space!

So off I went to tackle this major mess. BTW, I’m highly unorganized, so this was extremely overwhelming. First step was to decide my problem areas.

These are my problem areas.
1-I have too many purses that clutter my top shelf that fall off and hit my head when I open my doors. Not a good way to start my mornings.
2-My hangers overlap and get tangled on each other. I have too many clothes that I don’t wear and can’t find the things I do because it’s overcrowded.
3-My canvas shelving unit takes up space and I tend to just shove stuff in it. Looks cluttered.
4. Under those clothes, there is a laundry basket filled with boots…one would never know!
5-My laundry basket is filled with boots, so I throw my dirty clothes on the floor. Seems backwards.

I got rid of shoes, 6 garbage bags of clothes, and tons of hangers!

I bought a “Room Essential” shelf to put my folded clothes on. I wanted to only hang the things that are nice.

But it was a nightmare to put together! These little connector pieces hurt my hand! The target lady suggested using zip-ties. I may add those later.

I put undergarments and shoes in a canvas tote on the shelf.
I folded jeans, cami’s, sweaters, pj’s, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts.

It’s still a work in process…I’ll post the final product when I finish! 🙂

Ashley DeYoung


3 thoughts on “Out with "DeOld and in with DeNew Ashley DeYoung"

  1. Nice job! You did the right thing asking yourself those questions – and it will make getting dressed a lot easier.Some ideas: don't forget to use vertical space, and hooks are great. I like using hooks to hang clothes that are not really dirty but not really clean; bathrobes; hoodies; backpacks; etc. Do one set high and one low to maximize usage.Use your under bed space for storing out of season clothing & bedding.Consider installing an additional bar for hanging clothes – the only place you need full length is for long dresses & coats. Or installing a shelf higher in the closet to store out of season or rarely used items.Give me an email if you have any organizing questions – I'm local and happy to help!

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