Let it snow! Let it snow! Let is snow!

Careful what you wish for…last time they called for snow in TN, we hardly got a dusting where I live…this time…it’s piling up outside (at least for us southerner’s it is!)

Here are a few photos I shot while it snowed. My camera kept getting wet…so I rigged up a baseball cap and put my lens through the back and the cap over the camera part so it didn’t get wet.

This is an Eiffel Tower iron garden decoration with snow on top. I just liked the angle of this shot.

This is the top of a swing. I love asymmetry.

This is a rusted chain. I love how light is diffused through the clouds, causing the colors to be vibrant against the snow. Saturation contrast is my favorite!

The top of our swing. Repetition is my favorite principles of design. I use it a lot in my artwork.

I love the texture of this image, the pattern, repetition and rhythm that it has. It’s a swing .

This is a fence post with wisteria branches growing on it. Just found it interesting.

Fence posts again…

Wisteria branches on fence post with snow!

Rusted iron bench with snow!

Since no one can drive in TN on a normal day, today it’s even worse outside. So we are pretty much stuck at my parent’s house. I decided to bake cookies with my mom and sister!

My sister decorated a cookie for Joshua & I. How sweet!

Why not have wine well being snowed in?

I like to decorate my cookies with a little “Jackson Pollock” style. Who says they have to be perfectly decorated? Why not have a little fun in the process!

~Ashley DeYoung


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