Snowed In! (well kinda…)

(My house yesterday afternoon…it snowed all night and morning today…everything is completely covered now!)

For us Tennesseans…this is considered being snowed in. I have no idea how much snow we got this weekend, but I do know I woke up to a giant white blanket of snow covered with 1/4 inch of ice. It was a winter wonderland.

(It took 30 minutes to heat up and scrape my car off. I envy my neighbors who have 4wd and garage-kept cars!)

(Giant sheets of ice/snow!)

(God gave us a giant white canvas this weekend, so I jumped on the opportunity to paint on it!)

(A little watered-down paint, a little snow and some Jackson Pollock inspiration…)

(Ice-covered branches with painted snow in the background.)

(Ice-covered pine needles.)

After a little painting, frolicking in the snow and an attempt to drive in it to see “The Edge of Darkness (good movie btw!), I am exhausted. Nothing a good TV movie, glass of wine and sweats can’t cure!

Goodnight All,
Ashley DeYoung


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