Looking forward to the weekend.

I’m heading to South Carolina this weekend to spend it with Joshua.

I live in Franklin, TN, so staying in Aiken, SC is quite different.

I have to admit, South Carolina has some killer sunsets!

There are some cool places that we have discovered.

The streets are landscaped very nicely, and they have fountains everywhere.

The trees look like this downtown Aiken…very beautiful in the springtime.

They are known for their horse racing.

They have shops and restaurants. Some of the shops are cool, but most are catered towards retired people. But they do have some really cute restaurants and martini bars!

It’s hard for me to not talk about Franklin when I’m down there-Franklin is amazing to me. I miss it while I am gone. It drives Joshua crazy when I ask if it has a store, and if his answer is no, I generally reply with “But Franklin does!”

When we get married, this town will eventually be home to me temporarily until Joshua moves to another city.

(The Atlanta Bread Company in Aiken is way better than Franklin’s though.)

Aiken’s not all that bad. The best part about it is that Joshua lives there! 🙂

Here I am shooting some photos the last time I was down there in the Fall at the Hopeland Gardens

~Ashley DeYoung


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