One of my last lecture classes in college was Global News & World Media Cultures…or something along those lines. I am a conservative person, so it was not an easy class to sit through. I believe I was the only conservative in that class, so a lot of time was spent bashing conservatism, but I kept my mouth shut and an open mind. Eventually, I did learn a lot in that class about other cultures. One main thing I learned, was there are always two sides to a story, but generally one gets told, so do your research before believing what you hear.

I was lying in bed the other night and remembered a documentary we watched in that class. It struck a chord with me because it was about a photojournalist…I was a journalism major with an interest in design & photography, so it was up my alley.

The documentary was called “Dying to Tell the Story”, and was about a young photojournalist (Dan Eldon) that kept journals while being overseas during a war. He didn’t just write, he created astonishing collections of art in his journals, he ended up dying and his sister wanted to find out what happened so she did a documentary about it. It was inspiring. I remember sitting there in class in awe while everyone else was texting or snoozing. I googled him after I watched the documentary and found his journals online. His images spoke to me. He had this ability to capture emotions unlike any way I had seen before.

Dying to Tell The Story : 1998 TV (Voice of Dan Eldon)
Uploaded by falcounderground. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

I thought to myself, I want to do that. Not put my life at risk, but create journals. Not just any journals, but journals that have more than words. Art.

The last two classes I took in college were paper making and book arts. I think it’s time to put my college knowledge to use and start making a journal.

I’ve got plenty of practice books that I made in book arts with handmade papers in it. I just need to fill the pages with life. My life.


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