Nothing is new under the sun…

I one day started taking pictures of things that I felt resembled typography. I’ve always been fascinated by type and I majored in Design.

I decided to create a sort of montage of these images to create words. And I instantly fell in love with this. I thought I had something unique.

Then I googled it.

And it turns out…everyone does it.

I thought I’d make one for my boyfriends family…I walked in their house and his mom had one on the mantel.

Unfortunately…”there is nothing new under the sun”.
However, since I started doing this (note the one at the top of my blog) I’ve had quite a few people inquire about getting one. So I thought I would start offering them anyways.

I’m doing mine a little different. I know this economy has hit people hard and they cannot afford to spend a lot of money on things like they used to. So I’m doing them as a panel piece, varying in sizes.

You can either order just the print or one with the print, mat & frame.

The size of this “Kamryn” one is about 19”x5”

When matted, the back would be the same width as the white gutters.

For just the print less than 20″: $35 (up to 10 letters, then price increase)
For mat & frame of one that’s 20″ or less, it’s $100.

Contact me at for more information or to order one.

Once ordered is placed, I submit a proof before printing. It can be printed on lustre, glossy or metallic (metallic additional $5).

I accept checks, money orders or paypal!

~Ashley DeYoung


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