My first NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway

I bought tickets to go see the NASCAR race in Atlanta, GA for my boyfriend for Christmas. So we went to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for my very first NASCAR experience.

We had gorgeous weather. What a great day for some good racing!!

I grew up watching it on TV with my dad and went to local races in Nashville at the Fairgrounds speedway, so I knew about the sport.

I of course had to bring my camera with multiple lenses to get some pictures. Unfortunately, there were so many people that I had a hard time changing lenses in the crowd, and also getting good pictures without someone’s head in the way! 😦

I had a blast. There are some hardcore NASCAR fans out there. We saw some cool wrecks, especially the one between Carl Edwards & Brad Keselowski (read about it HERE). Scary, but cool! We had awesome seats and I had such a great time. It’s fun to do things out of my normal element.

I’m a Jeff Gordon fan, so Joshua bought me a #24 camo hat so I’d blend in. We tailgated beforehand, which was fun too. The people tailgating were quite entertaining with their beer pong and RVs.

It was a great trip. Short & sweet. But I’m so exhausted.


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