Amber & Thomas | Nashville TN engagement and wedding photographer (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

It’s been a busy week with designing, editing and photo sessions.

I had an engagement photo session on Friday. It was a lot of fun to do. It’s nice to shoot people who don’t mind having their picture taken, and that are patient! I loved it.

There are always obstacles during a shoot. This time, there was not a cloud in the sky. I hate direct sunlight. Of course I forgot my large 5 in 1 reflector/ light diffuser, but I had a small one which was beneficial for close up shots.

I love this angle.

I think sometimes, it’s nice to have not everyone looking directly into the lens. This was shot at outside the Titan’s stadium in Nashville, TN at the metal sculptures.

I suppose direct sunlight is good, when you can shoot in the shade and blow out the background. I shot this at the bell towers at bicentennial park in Nashville, TN.

This was shot at the parthenon in Nashville, TN

Today, I took the day off to relax. My mom, sister and I went to Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, TN, which was founded by Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn.

My mom likes the stag white wine, I prefer the viognier & raspberry dessert white (with the chocolate truffles YUM!)

They have a wine tasting so you can try the different ones.

While we waited for the tasting, we had a picnic dinner and enjoyed this beautiful spring weather! 🙂

That was my week! Enjoyable!
Got to get ready for another photo shoot tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the rain will hold off for a bit.

~Ashley DeYoung


One thought on “Amber & Thomas | Nashville TN engagement and wedding photographer (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

  1. We had a great time shooting with you, and now I can't WAIT for my bridal session and our wedding! My mom thinks your work is gorgeous…. she was SWOONING over the pictures when I saw her today. And we may be getting a maternity session for someone soon! (not me. :P)Talk to you soon! ❤

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