Ashley DeYoung (Nashville & Franklin TN photographer)

This is me, sitting here in my little nook wedged between a trash can, table and a wall at my favorite local bakery. I come here because it forces me to do work. There are too many distractions at my house…the giant piles of laundry, television, messes, bills, etc.

Here, it’s just me, my sweet tea, and a few people talking quietly or working on their laptop while indulging in Franklin’s finest delectables.

Today, I’m just trying to recollect last years photo sessions for tax purposes. I keep record of them, but sometimes I forget to write it on my paper and have to search through old emails with the information. Thank God for the internet. Normally, I keep better record, but last year I decided to take most of the year off from my photography business to graduate college, so I only did a few photo sessions.

I’m pretty confident that I spent more money on equipment last year than I made from photo sessions, so hopefully I won’t owe much! 😉 Oh the joy of doing taxes. I don’t mind paying them, it’s just a pain to do them.

I’m planning a trip to South Carolina after Easter. I may take a week and go down there to just shoot for fun. I get sick of shooting the same things in the same places. It gets so routine. This forces me to think creatively when I’m outside my element.

~Ashley DeYoung


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