My own personal "bucket list" of things to do before 25 (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

I’m inspired.
When I was about a freshmen in high school, I created this list…30 things to do before I’m 30. I never thought I’d accomplish much on it, but now that I read it, I really have. Here’s some things I’ve done.

Travel overseas (I’ve been to China, Hong Kong, Mexico & the Bahamas)

Scuba dive (I don’t have a pic of me in the gear, but this was the day I did it at Marco Island)

ride a rollercoaster (July 2008-Disney world, I road Thunder Mountain, space mountain & splash mountain)

learn another language (I learned french in high school & college)

graduate high school (may 2004)

buy a new car (may 2008)

climb a mountain (I didn’t necessary climb it, but I went to Grandfather mountain at the top and walked the mile high swinging bridge!)

impact someone else’s life…(I thought I was going to impact someone else’s life before I was 30, but I realized joshua impacted mine and pretty much saved my life by making me go to the ER over christmas)

graduate college (aug 2009)

start a business (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

go on a random road trip (So many, I can’t even count. St Louis, atlanta, SC)

write a book (Black & White, and 6 children’s stories. only self-published b&w book though)

catch a fish (marco island aug 2008)

see something I designed in a store (photos i took on album at store)

fall in love (with my sweetheart joshua)

go on a cruise (march 2008 with claire to bahamas)

just to name a few!

Those are just a few of the 30 things I want to do before I’m 30. I realized I’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s taken me a while. I want to start a list “25 things to do before I’m 25”! That gives me 10 months to do these things, which I feel I can do. some are random, but some are big. So I’m going to update my blog occasionally when I do one of these things. Hopefully by feb 5 2011, I will have accomplished all of these on my short “bucket list”! 🙂

1. see rock city on my way to atlanta (i hear they have gnomes villages)
2. drive to charleston to see the beach
3. buy an old king bed frame and paint it
4. buy a new swimsuit (that covers my appendectomy scar)
5. pay off my car
6. photograph every alphabet letter (like the deyoung & old design at the top of my blog)
7. put my art in a store
8. visit savannah, ga for a weekend
9. buy a 70-200mm canon lens
10. book a shoot in SC
11. get rid of my cellulite
12. have toned arms and stomach
13. go canoeing
14. go camping
15. ride an airboat in swamps
16. eat fish
17. watch lost consecutively to see what all of the hype is about
18. go to the lake
19. see ryan adams in concert
20. eat at our lady and sons (bc I love paula dean)
21. buy a kitten and name it something funny
22. move
23. frame and hang my photos in my room
24. have my website set up for template purchases for photographers
25. have a successful blog going

That’s all for now.
~Ashley DeYoung


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