Website redesign (Nashville TN photographer Ashley DeYoung Potography)

I’m enjoying a nightcap.

I have this indecisiveness to me that drives me bonkers. I can never fully settle on a logo for my photography business. I started “Ashley DeYoung Photography” back in 2005 & have since changed my logo and color scheme about every 3 months. It’s getting old. I thought I settled on the greens, but now, I feel everyone has the soft color palette and that I want something with more pizazz, bolder, something that’s different and stands out.

So I’m tossing around the idea of burnt orange & charcoal, with a hint of green. I don’t know.

Since my website was lost when my hard drive crashed, I had the opportunity to redesign it. I’ve just thrown up something quick to get something out there, but I need to redesign it and make it pretty!

~Ashley DeYoung


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