Little Boys are Gross | Nashville TN photographer (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

I babysit occasionally for this family. Here’s what the boys did to me today…

Boys: “Ashley, Ashley! I have something for you!”

Me: “If it’s a bug, then I don’t want to see it!”

Boys: “Ashley, it’s not a bug, it’s a bee.”

Me: “OMG, get rid of it, why are you holding a bee?”

Boys: “It’s dead! Touch it.”

Me: “I don’t like dead bugs.”

Boys: “I’m going to chase you around and make you touch it, so just touch it now to get it over with!”

Me: “Let me get my iPhone to take a picture, that’s disgusting.”

So I did. Gross. At least this one was dead.

Why are boys so fascinated by bugs?

I guess the old saying is right…

“Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails.”

I took the youngest to the park today. I drank a large Sonic sweet tea. I had to pee after being there 10 min. Here’s what happened.

Me: “Hey, let’s go home really quick so I can use the bathroom and you can get a snack before we pick up your brother.”

Boy: “There’s a port-a-potty right there, just go in there.”

Me: “Grrrrr. Fine. I’ll do it.”

Boy: “Ok, I’ll stand outside.”

Me: “Ok” {I go in & 10 sec later} “Ummm…no we are going home so I can pee.”

Boy: “Why?”

Me: “Because someone took a giant deuce in there and I’m not getting that on my white skirt.”

Boy: “Ohhh, let me see…I want to see!!”

Me: “Eww gross. No way kid.”

hahaha. gross, boys are just plain gross.

Anyhow, beautiful day today!

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~Ashley DeYoung


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