Easter Session :: Nashville TN & Franklin TN photographer (Ashley DeYoung Photography)

Happy Easter!

Isn’t that ridiculous? I just love photographing little babies.
Even though it’s difficult.

This little guy was overstimulated during this shoot, so he just kept making the same confused look. Between me, his mom, dad & grandma, he didn’t know what to do! It was funny, we were all jumping around trying to make him laugh.

It’s not like you can say…”Hey kid, look over here and smile!”…to a 4 month old.

But you can dance, bark, scream, laugh, make animal noises, blow bubbles, and wave your arms in the air to get them to look your way. However, it’s about 2.5 seconds until their eyes catch a glimpse at something more interesting like grass, a fan, shiny things or loud noises.

I think the little man’s expression is hysterical here.
I guess I like strange facial expressions better than smiles.

I think that pictures like this show how they look on a normal basis, and is a way for the parents to remember what they were like at this age. The smiling pictures are fun, but these are the ones that make you smile and laugh.

We had a lovely Easter Brunch today filled with Paula Dean’s french toast casserole, applewood smoked bacon, an egg casserole, pumpkin chocolate chip bread (I buy mine from Great Harvest in Murfreesboro TN, but here’s a link to a recipe for something similar), fruit salad and Hawaiian Mimosa’s! YUMMY! The mimosa’s were mixed with apricot nectar, pineapple juice, orange juice (Concentrate), water and champagne-Delicious!

~Ashley DeYoung/photographer


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