My new baby: Canon 70-200mm L series lens | Ashley DeYoung Photography (Nashville TN wedding photographer, Nashville TN family portrait photographer)

It’s a LENS!
Name: Canon 70-200mm L series lens
Due Date: one week
weight: 24.9 oz
Proud parent: Ashley

Hello Lover…welcome to my world. I will take good care of you! 🙂 Expect to be loved on frequently.

I just bought a new lens. My first “canon L series” lens. I’m excited. Things have been financially tight with me, so I haven’t been able to afford the pro quality lenses. The ones I have are awesome, but the sharpness of this lens is superb! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and pop it on my 50d.

It’s love at first site. Kind of like that feeling women have get when they are pregnant, this instantaneous love for something they haven’t even seen or held or met. This is my baby that I’ve been waiting for. The first “child” in my adopted family of lenses.

I can’t wait to shoot with it and upload them for the world to see!

until then…..
~Ashley DeYoung


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