A "do it yourself" drop cloth bedskirt

I’ve been running around and googling everywhere possible to find the exact bedskirt to fit my king size bed and my style. My room has the pottery barn “farm house style” to it. I found one at target, but it was the wrong color.

I read a blog where a lady did curtains out of drop cloths. I really like the material, so I decided to try a bedskirt.

Here’s my adventure:

1-I laid my drop cloth out and measured the width I needed for my bedskirt and the drop.
2-I cut it
3-I folded over and pinned the top. This is where I’m going to insert my elastic in.
4-The pinned part
5-I ironed it to make the top lay flat
6-I sewed the part, leaving enough room to push my elastic through

1-I hand-sewed some elastic to one of the panel (elastic is shorter in length than the panel to get the ruffles)
2-I attached some elastic to a metal knitting needle (I used duct tape because it holds well)
3-I pushed the metal needle into one of the panel
4-I pushed it all of the way through, creating the bunching effect
5-It should look like this when you are done
6-Pull the needle out of the other end, cut the elastic from the needle and sew it to the end so that it will stay.

1-I used twist pins to pin it to my boxspring.
2-I pinned the ends first
3-then I pinned the sides, and then pinned again in between each pin, using a total of 9 on my king size bed

Ta-dah! The finished product.
Next project-euro shams out of the same material. Then draperies.

Now I need to buy an ivory duvet for my comforter. šŸ™‚

~Ashley DeYoung
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