Nashville TN & Aiken SC & Augusta GA Baby & Child photographer

6 month old sweet baby girl!

I have a problem. I LOVE color. I love saturated color that POPS when you look at it. But I also love VINTAGE too. I love Black and White. I love Sepia. So I cannot ever decide on a specific style to do my images. I end up offering a little bit of everything…

All of the images about are either the 1st one as far as color variation goes, or black and white.

The first image is straight natural color, no additives or color changes
The second image in this montage is a dulled color variation
The third image is a vintage & dull mixture with texture added
The fourth image is sepia
The fifth image is black and white

I’m still not sure what I like. 🙂
I do love the natural pop of color. I think it’s classic. and of course B&W is classic too.

~Ashley DeYoung
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