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I’ve spent my day off in bed…again.
Last week I had a terrible migraine, this week…well let’s just say…female problems.

Oprah says you shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom, because your bedroom should be a sanctuary. And while I don’t listen to everything she says, I liked that idea. So I took my TV out a long time ago.

It was just me and Ole reliable (Macbook) today in my giant bed alone. So what did I do you ask?
Redesigned me website.

I seem to do it every few weeks. But this time it’s more me.

I know people wonder why I have a mac website and now the traditional flash website that all of the other photographers have.

Well, google can’t crawl flash like it does html. And I hate “coding”, so I use what’s easy. Plus it syncs with my iPhoto, and I can send clients a link with password & username to view their galleries…and it only costs the fee of a mac address. It’s just plain easy. Easy to redesign, easy to upload, easy to use. So why not?

It may not look topnotch…but I’m all over google and that’s my main goal. And it fits my personality more now.

I will shortly redo my blog so it all coordinates!

Perhaps this weekend I can finish all of the projects I’ve started and neglected, because I spend too much time eBaying.

~Ashley DeYoung


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