Non traditional Wedding Photography :: Ashley DeYoung Photography Augusta GA wedding photographer & Nashville TN wedding photographer

There’s several stereotypes for wedding & portrait photographers. I’ve noticed these trends because I spend a lot of time viewing other people’s work & blogs, plus I’ve heard many people talk about them.

1. There’s the 55 year old male who fought the switch from film to digital. Shoots the same style since 1979, & is a big fan of flash photography. They charge way to much for their work & their work is recognizable & often displayed at malls.

2. There’s the young husband/wife team who like edgy photos with the vintage look. They are pricey. I generally like the photos, but feel they lack the traditional quality needed to be timeless.

3. There’s the mom who bought a decent camera when she had a baby & decided to become a photographer. Shoots for family & friends. Doesn’t really charge much, and generally just offers a DVD of images.

4. There’s the trendy & hip male graphic designer just out of college who is obsessed with fisheye lenses & photoshop. Swears by nikon & thinks you must have the top of the line equipment to be a photographer.

5. Then there’s the quiet & reserved female who is creative & innovative. She captures candid shots, uses natural lighting mostly, & loves details. Mostly a canon user. Likes good packaging & fresh products, often expensive. (I know several of these personally)

I fall somewhere between 4 & 5. I’m obviously not male, but I studied graphic design. I hate using fisheyes, because it distorts the images. I am, however, quiet and reserved. I try to come up with my own thing instead of following the trends, and I love the details in photos…I’m mostly just stereotyping photographers, but it’s really funny how there are certain trends within this field and people seem to fall under those categories! 🙂

Speaking of details, here are some from a wedding I did the photography for in Nashville TN at Bicentennial Mall.


I love the detailing on her dress.


Such pretty flowers.


Gotta throw in a signature lens flare.




Loved these lighted branches!

~Ashley DeYoung
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