New happenings :: Ashley DeYoung Photography Nashville TN wedding photographer & lifestyle photographer Augusta GA

I’m slowly moving my business from my precious & gorgeous city that I’m proud to live in…

Nashville TN


Augusta GA

What a big difference huh?
Nashville will always have my heart & I will always shoot here in Nashville.

I’m going from being a small fish in a giant pond of hundreds of photographers in Nashville TN to a mediums-sized fish in a small pond in Augusta GA where photographers aren’t on every corner. So, it may just be a good thing.

I’m now booking weddings, baby sessions, and family sessions in Augusta GA, Aiken SC, Columbia SC & the CSRA.

On another note…

I got a little kitten for Joshua’s birthday. Last year I bought him a playstation 3 and tried to surprise him, but he found out. This year, I thought, how can I top that? So I bought a cat for his new house & thought I’d keep it for a month & train it, get it fixed & vaccinated. But she meowed so loudly on the phone, after two hours of keeping her a secret, he figured it out. So year 2-birthday surprise ruined.

He named her “Miss Mabel”.

~Ashley DeYoung
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