A few of my favorite photos I’ve shot :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Augusta GA wedding photographer Nashville TN wedding photographer

I’m sitting here at my favorite local spot in Franklin TN …Merridee’s sippin on sweet tea and munching on a tea cake…definitely got my mother’s sweet tooth.

I come here frequently, so frequently that I’ve gotten to know the other frequent visitors and employees.

I’ve decided to do this post on my favorite photos that I’ve shot.

This is the first session I ever did.

I loved the lighting that day. It was November and the sun was barely peaking through the trees. The model had this glow on his face from the lighting.

This was a fun “Geisha” inspired session. My sister is a makeup artist in Nashville. (she does everything from weddings to costume makeup). You can check out her blog here.

I loved the intensity in her eyes from the makeup. I loved this photo so much that in my 2-d design class in college I used it for a pointillism project and did this…

The pointillism project…took forever to do.

I love this photo. I think there is something so sweet and innocent and vulnerable about a sleeping baby, especially the way he is positioned.

I like how you feel like you are in this moment with them.

I love how the boy’s looking up at the groom. Such a sweet moment.

My friends will laugh & tell you I’m not big on public displays of affection. I get awkward. I’m not a big fan of kissy photos, especially as facebook profiles. I don’t take them of myself. It’s even awkward for me to photograph people kissing. I’m not comfortable watching it on TV either. Just a weird quark that I have. I love this photo because it’s not an “in your face” kiss. It’s blurred and off in the distance with the flower details in focus.

I love the expression on his face and the red poppy in the corner. So sweet.

I love the innocence in her face that is brought out in this photo.


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