Summertime :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Nashville TN baby photographer & Augusta GA wedding photographer

I’m finally settling in on my 2 week vacation in SC/GA.

I came down here to help “Mr. Moneybags” move into his new house & deliver a special early birthday gift for him (Ms. Mabel).

It’s been an adventure here. I was so excited that I saved about $22 at Kroger using coupons, only to realize 5 hours after I came home that the freezer is blowing hot air and all of my chicken has dethawed.

Let’s just say, I’ve spent the past two days frying up chicken and freezing it, since you can’t refreeze raw chicken once it has thawed out.

The freezer still isn’t fixed.

I’ve also spent the past few days packing things up and slowly moving them from Aiken SC to Augusta GA by myself, while “Mr. Moneybags” works.

While I was at the new house waiting for my dinner to cook, I decided the walls needed some art. So I did what I do best…snap away.

I think I’m going to print these in large format and put them in black floating glass frames…most likely 12×12 or larger.

BTW Ms. Mabel loves her new home!

& “Mr. Moneybags” loves his new little kitten!

She’s a handful though.

~Ashley DeYoung
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