The front porch :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Augusta GA portrait photographer Nashville TN wedding photographer

I’m sitting outside on the front porch of “Mr. Moneybags” new house. It’s down pouring outside. I’m watching the rain and drinking some wine. I decided it was a great idea to move his clothes to his new place today, only to find out that the rain would stop me in the middle of it. That’s ok. I decided those fudge brownies I bought on sale weren’t going to bake themselves, so I utilized my free time and broke in his new oven.

It’s kind of weird, as I sit here I think about a conversation I had with him a few months back. I told him that I wanted to have a big front porch, after we get married, with rocking chairs where I can sit and wait for him to come home, while drinking wine after a long day of photo shoots. I guess the weird part is that the things I’ve been dreaming about are finally happening. I know we are going to be married soon, I’m moving soon, I’m doing this photography thing, and he got a house with a big front porch with two rocking chairs.

I’ve always been someone who had big dreams, and I feel at my young age, I have accomplished a lot. It’s just crazy to be able to be within an arms length of your dream, able to touch it, but not quite there yet.

So here I am sitting on the front porch watching the rain slowly die down, drinking my wine, and patiently waiting for “Mr. Moneybags” to come home…I think it will feel more real when we are actually married.

No photo shoots this week or next. I’m still on vacation. But I will be photographing my trip! It’s been a while since I’ve shot for fun.

~Ashley DeYoung


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