Baby portrait photographer :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Augusta GA baby & wedding photoraphy Nashville TN

This is my favorite spot in “Mr. Moneybag’s” new house. “The Window Seat”

I can’t wait till he gets the internet so I can blog there.

I was going through some recent photos and edited a few more.

Noah at 6 months old. I think there’s something intriguing about square photos. I love seeing them 3 in a row on a wall.

I love doing baby portraits. They are so fun!

Not much happening here at the mobile studio. I’m still on vacation. I wasn’t feeling too great today, must have caught a bug, so I didn’t shoot anything. But I hope to spend the day tomorrow walking around downtown Augusta GA to shoot some photos with “Mr. Moneybags” since he is off work tomorrow through Monday!!

A little wedding montage for those looking for an Augusta Georgia wedding photographer or a wedding photographer in Nashville TN.

I’ll post some tomorrow.
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~Ashley DeYoung


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