My trip to Augusta GA :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Nashville TN & Augusta GA portrait photographer

Ms. Mabel at her new house! She loves it here!

New city, new life…my future home.

I’ve been behind on my blogging, because “Mr. Moneybags” hasn’t had his internet hooked up yet. So I’m sitting here at ABC in Georgia eating a yummy sandwich.

We had a pretty good 4th of July. It’s interesting seeing how different cities celebrate.

First day in his new house…4th of July!

Getting ready to head down to the Riverwalk in Augusta GA to see some fireworks!

Getting ready to go see some fireworks.

It’s sad how run down some of the houses are here. I’d love to purchase one someday & fix it up.

Waiting for the fireworks to start. We didn’t realize that we couldn’t see any of them from our seats. So when they started, I grabbed my camera & purse & ran down the street.

Waiting and relaxing!

And the fireworks started!

And that was about it. It was short & sweet.

I’ve been trying to set up the house for him. We went out & bought a microwave.

The hardest kitchen to keep clean. The dark tile floor shows every spec of dirt, it’s a glass/stainless steel stove & impossible to keep clean!

Ms. Mabel loves the kitchen table.

I made this little arrangement for $17…thanks to Hobby Lobby!

Drop cloth draperies…$25.

That’s my trip thus far. I leave Friday for Knoxville for a couple days, then home for some sessions, then off to Marco Island for a couple weeks!

~Ashley DeYoung
Augusta GA Portrait & Wedding photographer


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