Head shots :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Augusta GA & Nashville TN portrait photographer

Mr. Moneybags is being very sneaky lately.
I was complaining about being broke the other day because all of my money goes to bills…hospital bills, insurance bills, car loans, school loans, etc. I was going to visit my friend in Knoxville and was upset because I didn’t have any money to go out when I got there. Just enough to eat out twice and gas to get home.

On my way to Knoxville, I stop at McDonalds to get some sweet tea. I open my wallet and inside I found $100.

Today, I told him I was hungry and cranky. A few minutes later, my doorbell rings and a pizza guy is standing there with a prepaid pizza…tip and all. I laughed.

He’s really wooing me lately and I like it! 🙂
Contrary to popular belief, I’m not with him for money either hahaha, I started dating him when we were in college and I made more money than him at the time!

On another note…here’s some photos I’ve been working on…

A few headshots

~Ashley DeYoung
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