Family Portrait session :: Ashley DeYoung Photography :: Nashville TN and Augusta GA family portrait photographer

My life flipped upside down this week. I decided I wanted a short engagement and somehow thought it’d be easy to plan my wedding in a week and a half. I’m going out of town next week and will be gone through mid August, then doing some more traveling at the end of August. So, I decided I had to make all of the BIG decisions in one week. And I’m not one for making BIG decisions…or any decisions at all.

We’ve managed to book the chapel I wanted for the ceremony, a really nice place for the reception, bought my dress & was able to get it a few days later (no alterations needed!!!), I found rings for us both, picked out colors, & am currently looking at bridesmaid dresses. This is insanity. But it’s all falling into place.

While trying to plan a wedding in a week, I’m still working like crazy, editing photos, ordering prints, house-sitting, and somehow have to find time to do laundry in this craziness for my 17 day trip. (How do you pack for that many days?) I think the hardest part is doing all of this and maintaining my long-distance relationship with a man who works night shifts now. Crazy!

Here’s a sneak at some photos I’ve shot this week. I’ve got so many more to edit.

Now, I must run around searching for a dress off the rack for my bridesmaids, because 3 months isn’t enough time to order real ones! AHHH!



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