Key West :: Ashley DeYoung PHotography :: Augusta GA wedding photographer Nashville TN portrait photographer

I’m sitting here on the balcony of this boutique hotel that I’m staying at…called the parrot key resort in Key West.

It’s actually quite nice and stunning here. The water is crystal clear!

I’m exhausted. It’s hard to sleep unless I’m in my bed. But, this hotel bed is mighty comfortable.

I am looking forward to being married and not living out of a suitcase. I never feel completely put together. I’m so scatterbrained when I pack for a trip, that I end up forgetting half of my things…or I never unpack from the last trip and just use the same stuff. I’m a mess.

It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful here. It’s amazing when you have a day completely filled with noise and chaos and then you find that moment of silence…it’s the most overwhelming calm I have felt in a long time. My heart feels rested.

It’s been a stressful few weeks for me and I’m sure more stress will come when I return home. I’m behind on photography work, wedding planning, packing for my big move and a million other things in life. I’ve got 2 months to have 3 showers…a wedding…a move…another shower.

But life is still beautiful…even more beautiful down here. I hope to capture some great photos…

~Ashley DeYoung


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